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Three Share Seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter

Our fields are popping up with fresh greens! The greenhouses are bursting with the first spring/ summer crops! We're excited to feed you good eating this summer! Sign up today!

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Our Share Types

The Localvore Share is our most popular share providing a weekly selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens along with a weekly assortment of localvore products from our favorite nearby food growers, producers and Pete’s on-farm kitchen. Along with the assortment of vegetables each week, you can expect 3 to 4 "localvore" items. These often include breads made with local flours, eggs, artisan cheeses, grains, soy products, cooking oils, vinegars and sweeteners, items from our on-farm kitchen, along with regionally grown fruits and mushrooms. This is a great way to keep your pantry stocked with the staples you love while being introduced to yummy new foods available locally.

The Veggie-Only Share provides a great (8-10 items) weekly selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens. Year round it is our mission to include something green in each share. While this is not so hard in the spring, summer and fall, it becomes our challenge and mission in the winter. We use many season extension techniques such as winter hardy varieties, greenhouses, and tools like row covers to grow amazing greens through all seasons. You will come to love the unique assortment of vitally nutritious produce grown right here in Vermont every month of the year.

The Half Veggie-Only Share share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables for smaller or on the go households.  In the midwinter months of the Fall/Winter Share and the very early months of the Spring Share, this share type may not get greens as often as the larger Veggie-Only and the Localshare share get them.  Salad greens are the most difficult item to grow and the most precious in Jan/Feb.  The larger shares will get priority for these items though we will do our best to provide them to all, however, during the last spring share we were able to provide salad greens each week of the share. We plan to continue that trend as our season extending techniques improve!

The Half Veggie w/ Pantry Share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables along with the weekly pantry items that are in the Localvore share or the Pete's Pantry share.  Salad greens are the most difficult item to grow and the most precious in Jan/Feb.  The larger shares will get priority for these items though we will do our best to provide them to all.

Pete’s Pantry Share brings you the same localvore items you would recieve in the Localvore Share, but no vegetables! This share is popular among families who split a veggie share but who want to each receive the weekly localvore items. It's also popular in summer for folks who have their own garden. And for some members, they just like to receive the weekly Localvore assortment because it's fun (members often comment it's like Christmas every Wednesday!). This share includes bread, eggs, and dairy products.

Our Meat Share is delivered once a month and may include our own Pete's Pastured Chicken as well as pastured meats, sausages, kielbasa, steaks, hams, and more from our neighbors here in Vermont.

Our Weekly Newsletter - Each week we send an email to all share members with a list of the items in the share so that folks can plan, and begin thinking about what they get to cook up this week.  To help with that, we also provide great weekly recipes using the items in the share and tips about the veggies themselves.  The newsletter includes background on the local farmers whose cheeses or grains, beans, flour or meats might be part of a share.  And of course we include news from the farm. 

Changes to Your Delivery or Travel Plans? – If you will be away some upcoming week and need to make changes to your share delivery, let us know the week before.  You can skip the week's delivery and receive a credit on your account to use toward your next share.  You can also elect to have your share donated to the Food Pantry.  Also, if you know you will be closer to another of our share sites one week, with advance notice you can request that your share be available at that site rather than the one you sign up for.

Splitting Shares - We offer a Half Veggie-Only share but for those who want an even smaller amount of food, we encourage members who feel one share is too large for them to find someone to share with. Many members will share a Veggie-Only Share and each get a Pete’s Pantry share for themselves in order to get a good mix of weekly veggies while also getting the breads, eggs, cheeses and other localvore goodies the Pantry share brings weekly.

Payment options – We offer different payment plants for each share type making it easy to spread the cost throughout the term of the share. 

What to do if the share has already started....   If you would like to purchase a share but the start date has passed,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If there is still room in the share, we will pro-rate your share, adjusting for the weeks you have missed.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, see our FAQ Page.