Fall/Winter Share 2017

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Vegetable Offerings

Our Fall/Winter share is our most popular share of the year!  We put lots of energy into making our Fall/Winter share as dynamic and diverse as can be.  For the first half of the share period we are still harvesting produce from the fields, and there will be plenty of greens like spinach, chard, kale as well as brussel sprouts, winter squash and other green Fall crops. Remnants of summer such as greenhouse tomatoes and peppers may appear.  By mid-November the offerings will become very Fall-like with our root cellar overflowing with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and beets, onions, shallots and garlic.  But fresh harvests of chard, kale and other leafy vegetables will continue right into December or beyond.  In addition, we provide fresh salad fixings every week throughout the share.

Through years of trial and error, we have learned how to best utilize our greenhouses for winter growing.  This year we are adding more indoor growing space with intent to provide you with more fresh food longer.  We will begin harvesting indoor baby greens in Fall and these harvests should continue into December or beyond.  When the real cold weather sets in, we will add our soil grown shoots to our greens offerings, and with a mix of these two plan to provide members with salad fixings throughout the winter.

We also put much effort into preserving the summer harvest for you, for winter.  We put away beans, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, corn, red peppers, zucchini, spinach and more. With the Fall crops mix, the frozen and preserved summer crops, the storage and roots crops and weekly salad blend, this share will keep your household well fed.* 

Greens in JanuaryGreens in JanuaryThe Fall/Winter share is a bit heavier than other share periods in root crops and storage crops that taste great, are nutritious, and are excellent fuel for the body and soul.  Combined with the weekly salad and frozen summer goodness, the weekly shares will make for a nutritious, diverse, local, organic winter diet. However (disclaimer!) if you really don't care for potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips and other storage crops, this share may not be for you.

Please check our yearly produce availability chart (pdf version) for more information.

*Note:  The veggies in our frozen items are indeed our own Pete's Greens organic veggies, but we have decided that the process of certifying our minimally processed veggies as certified organic places too great a burden on our organization. Thus, starting in the 2016/2017 season our frozen veggies are not certified organic (though they still contain our organic veggies).


Localvore Offerings

Each week we include 3-4 localvore items as part of the Localvore Share, Half Veggie with Pantry Share, or Pete's Pantry Share. 

Localvore Offerings
We work with dozens of localvore producers in the area to help your family enjoy a balanced local diet year round.  We are blessed in Vermont to have such a talented group producing a great array of local goods.

This period’s offerings will include free range eggs from Tangletown Farm and Axel's Eggs supplied (usually) every other; bread from Elmore Mountain Bakery, Slow Fire & Red Hen Bakery; items from Pete's Greens on-farm kitchen (see below for more info); varieties of apples from Champlain Orchards; yogurt, cream, cornmeal, and dried beans from Butterworks and Morning Star Farm; flours from Gleason Grains, Aurora Farm, and Meunerie Milanaise; organic maple sugar; organic apple cider vinegar; Maine sea salt; Vermont Soy tofu; an array of  Vermont sheep, cow and goat cheeses; organic oyster and shiitake mushrooms; sunflower oil & canola oil from Full Sun; popcorn, rolled oats, tamari and miso from several Quebec farms; cranberries, frozen berries and local organic raw honey. Many of these items are certified organic and all are locally produced by excellent farms and producers.  

Localvore perishable items such as apples, eggs, and cheese will be provided more often, while long storing staples such as flour and beans will be provided in greater quantity but less frequently.

Pete’s Greens Kitchen Products
Our on-farm kitchen allows us to preserve the bounty of summer and increase the diversity of our winter diet. We freeze summer crops at their peak, we make salsas and tomato sauces, we make pesto, pizza dough, roasted red peppers, chicken and vegetable broths, pickles, kimchi, kraut and more. Each year we continue to refine our farm recipes and preservation techniques so that we can provide members with the most diverse winter share possible. In our kitchen products we only use our own vegetables plus local ingredients where at all possible.


Our CSA Share Types 

Localvore Share  This is our most popular share.  It's designed to fill your fridge and pantry with enough vegetables and local staples to cook healthy and well each week.  We take care each week to combine vegetables with local items that work well together so that you have ingredients that go together in recipes.  And then we provide the recipes too! Price is $782 for 17 weeks*.

Veggie Only Share provides a great (8-10 item) weekly selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens. price is $493 for 17 weeks* worth of local, organic vegetables.

Half Veggie Only Share Appropriate for 1-2 people, the half share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens.  Salad greens are the most difficult item to grow and the most precious in Jan/Feb.  The larger shares get priority for these items though we do our best to provide them to all. The price is $374 for 17 weeks* worth of local, organic vegetables. 

Half Veggie w/ Pantry Share  This share is a smaller version of the Localvore Share.  Same amount of weekly pantry items as are in the Localvore share or the Pete's Pantry share, the half share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables.  The price is $663 for 17 weeks*. 

Pete's Pantry Share provides the localvore items but not the vegetables. Price $306 for 17 weeks.

Meat Share provides a variety of pastured, local and often organic meats.  The meat share is delivered once a month and may include our own Pete's Pastured Pork and Chicken as well as pastured meats, sausages, kielbasa, steaks, hams and more from our neighbors here in Vermont. The price is $200 for four monthly deliveries - Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.


Payment Plan Options


****You must send ALL payment checks together when using the payment plan***


The Localvore Share and the Half Veggie w/ Pantry Share cost can be split into four payments. 

The Veggie Only and Half Veggie Only may be split into two payments. 

The Meat Share must be paid in full.



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Mail to: Good Eats CSA

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Order online from our Bulk Order Web Store!

Visit our online store here for bulk sales of vegetables, grains, and meats. Place your order before 12 pm every Monday, and on Wednesday (or Thursday), your order will be delivered to one of our CSA pickup sites! Items updated depending on seasonal availability. If you don't see something,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we'll check on availability. The minimum amount per order is $20. 



Thanksgiving week we will deliver one day early on Tuesday.

We will not be making a CSA delivery the week between Christmas and New Years.  Our one week off a year!

Though the share is actually 18 weeks in calendar length, we will make 17 weeks of deliveries (because we miss that holiday week)


For further information, please visit our FAQ page.