Pantry Shares

Each week we include 3-4 non- vegetable items as part of the Localvore and Pete's Pantry Shares. Plus, we have add-ons of eggs, breads, and cheese available. By working with dozens of localvore producers, we help feed your family a balanced, local diet year-round, and support our talented neighbors in Vermont who produce such a great array of local goods.

Localvore perishable items such as apples, eggs, and cheese will be provided more often, while long storing staples such as flour and beans will be provided in greater quantity but less frequently.

Pete's Greens Kitchen Products
Our on-farm kitchen allows us to preserve the bounty of summer and increase the diversity of our winter diet. Our kitchen is busy making salsas and tomato sauces, pesto, chimichurri, pickles, and more. Each year we continue to refine our farm recipes and preservation techniques so that we can provide members with the most diverse winter share possible. In our kitchen products we only use our own vegetables plus local ingredients where at all possible.


Localvore Share: This share is designed to fill your fridge and pantry with enough vegetables and local staples to cook healthy and well each week. We take care each week to combine vegetables with local items that work well together so that you have ingredients that go together in recipes. This is our most diverse share. And then we provide the recipes too! This share includes the Fancy sized veggie bag. Price is $850 for 17 weeks.

Who should get this share: The foodie who wants diversity in veggies and staple pantry items. This share is $50/ week. Each week you'll receive 6 - 9 veggie varieties plus 2 - 4 pantry items.

Pete's Pantry Share: You'll receive delicious local products and staple items like free-range eggs, local breads, fruit, and award-winning cheeses on a consistent basis. Flours, oils, dried beans, miso, sauces, and yogurt make stocking your pantry easy. You'll also receive items from the Pete's Greens kitchen. This share is $340 for 17 weeks.

Who should get this share: Anyone! If you love trying the best of regional northern Vermont and stocking your pantry with wholesome, organic, and local goods, this is for you. This share is $20/ week for approximately 3 -4 items each week. 

Egg Share: A weekly delivery of 1 dozen locally and humanely raised, pastured eggs from Tangletown Farm (West Glover), Axel's Eggs (Greensboro), or Besteyfield Farm (Hinesburg). This share is $97.75 for 17 weeks ($5.75/ week).

Bread Share: A weekly delivery of 1 loaf of locally made, fresh bread. Expect a diversity of bread from different regional producers. Breads will be a standard table loaf but may include a sourdough loaf, polenta loaf, country French loaf, or wheat loaf. This share is $110.50 for 17 weeks ($6.95/ week).

Cheese Share: A weekly delivery of 1 type of cheese from local cheesemakers. The style and type of cheese will vary from week to week, and may be cow's milk, sheep's milk, goat's milk, or a milk blend. Cheese may be soft, hard, or spreadable. We work with many cheesemakers in the NEK and around VT. All cheeses are made with locally sourced milk. This share is $153 for 17 weeks ($9.25/ week).