Fresh veggies, cleaned, packed, and delivered to convenient locations near you! Our Good Eats CSA is our weekly food delivery program. Every week we deliver our organic, seasonal, farm-fresh veggies, plus locally grown and produced staples, value-added products, and meats, to members at pick-up sites across northern and central Vermont.

Joining our CSA is the best way for Vermonters to enjoy the full diversity that makes up Pete’s Greens. In addition to the good eats, members receive a weekly newsletter with farm news, recipes, storage tips, and how-to information about the food in that week’s share. And more than that, you join a community of eaters dedicated to supporting Vermont’s food economy.

Big changes are coming to our Good Eats CSA this summer! In May 2019, we're moving to a customizable CSA share option, complete with member-managed accounts. Stay tuned - the new system launches in May. We'll start signing up for our Summer season then.

Our Seasons

We are a four-season farm and deliver our CSA shares every week, with three seasons. Enjoy delicious veggies all year round, tasting what's available at different times of the year! We use season extension techniques, root cellaring, and preservation to keep your diet diverse, healthy, and local each week of the year. Read more below.

Our Shares

 We offer a variety of share types, for every household budget, size, and eating style! Check out our share types below!

Why should you join?

  • It's Convenient: Farm fresh food is delivered to a convenient site near you year-round!
  • It’s Fresh: Our produce is super fresh and delicious because it’s hand picked within days and sometimes even hours of when it is delivered.
  • It’s Healthy: Aside from being organic, there’s nothing like having a batch of fresh veggies delivered every week to encourage you to cook healthy meals that are packed with fresh flavors and loads of vitamins! Many of our customers enjoy the challenge of using new vegetables and learning new reicipes. Eating on a local level puts you in tune to your environment and the seasons!
  • It’s Affordable: Our weekly shares save our members an average of 18% per week over retail. We plan our shares to include a set of valued items that meets your contribution.
  • It’s Good for the Environment: Our produce is good for the environment because we use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and fossil fuels are not wasted on long distance transportation.
  • It Supports Farmers: Receiving your money and commitment up front helps us pay our bills, plan, and farm better.
  • It Builds Community: Supporting a local farmer puts a face on the food you eat. A CSA is a great way to get to know a local farmer and neighbors, and get more involved in community activities. Participation keeps your dollars local, nurturing the health of the community and the environment we live in.