Late Spring Share

Join us on the first day of spring for our Late Spring Share as we welcome back our Lean & Green Share on March 20! Sign-up today - the Lean & Green Share is limited!

Our Vegetables 

carrots with dirt

The Late Spring Share is filled with all the flavors of a new growing season! Every week you can expect our weekly salad greens, comprised of nutritious shoots, early lettuce, hardy claytonia, upland cress, spinach, and baby kale, chard, Asian greens and brassicas. You can also expect bunches of mature greens like kale, mustard, mizuna, chard, pac choi, head lettuce and more. Add to that our potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, and onions plus early season salad turnips, bunched beets, baby fennel, cucumbers, radishes, and much more! Plus herbs (parsley, basil, dill, and cilantro) and alliums - pearled onions, scallions, and green garlic - to keep your local, seasonal cooking exciting and diverse!

Localvore Offerings

So many wonderful locally produced pantry items to stock your kitchen each week! You can expect regular deliveries of eggs, bread, and cheese, plus locally grown organic dry beans, grains, and honey. Our bread producers this season include artisanal bakers with an eye on crafting standard table breads plus some loaves made with seasonal ingredients. We'll have a variety of cow, sheep, and goat milk cheeses from the NEK and beyond. Our egg producers all raise pastured hens who live happy, healthy lives in nature. Sauces, like our farm-made pesto, chimichurri, and pizza sauce, add variety to accompany your veggies. Pizza crust, tortillas, kimchi, tempeh, yogurt, and butter are some of the items you might receive. Oh and don't forget the apples, dried and frozen berries, and pears! 

Our CSA Share Types

Localvore Share  This is our most popular share.  It's designed to fill your fridge and pantry with enough vegetables and local staples to cook healthy and well each week.  We take care each week to combine vegetables with local items that work well together so that you have ingredients that go together in recipes.  And then we provide the recipes too! Price is $50/ week.

Everyday Standard Share Appropriate for 2 people, this smaller sized share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens - your staple veggie items. The price is $25/week of local, organic greens, roots, frozen summer veggies, and more.

Fancy Share provides a great (6-9 item) weekly selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens. price is $32/week for 10 weeks worth of local, organic vegetables.

Lean and Green Share Back for the Late Spring! We couldn't wait to bring back our Lean & Green Share, which puts the healthy, hearty greens at the spotlight! This share is limited in starches and high in salad fixings - in addition to fresh and cooking greens, you'll receive salad toppings like shoots, carrots, radishes, and cucumbers. The share is $20/ week.

Pete's Pantry Share provides the localvore items but not the vegetables. Price is $20/week.

Meat Share provides a variety of pastured, local and often organic meats.  The meat share is delivered once a month and may include our own Pete's Pastured Chicken as well as pastured meats, sausages, kielbasa, steaks, hams and more from our neighbors here in Vermont. The price is $150 for three deliveries -  April, May, and June.

Add-ons: Weekly deliveries of cheese, or eggs, or bread!

Payment Options

Pay for your share by check, credit card, or SNAP/EBT. Payment plans are only available when paying by check. Read on for more information about our payment plan options.

****You must send ALL payment checks together when using the payment plan***

The Localvore, Everyday, and Fancy Shares can be split into four equal payments, with checks deposited the first of every month.

The Pantry and Meat Shares can be split into two equal payments, with checks deposited the first of the month.

Send checks payable to:

Pete's Greens

266 S. Craftsbury Rd

Craftsbury, VT 05826